5 bold predictions for Houston Texans final preseason game

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans will finally get their running game going

The Texans have not been good so far this preseason in rushing the ball, but I think they get on track this week. As a team, they will have over 120 yards rushing and average over 4.5 yards per carry. This is not only a prediction but a hope.

I cannot stress enough how vital the Texans' running game will be to Houston's success in 2023. If they can't run the ball better than what we've seen in two preseason games, this team will be lucky if they win five games this season.

Whether you think Stroud will be a franchise quarterback or not, he's not going to carry this team on his back as a rookie, throwing the ball 500 times is not a recipe for success for this team. Not at this stage of Stroud's career or the Texans' rebuild.