The 5 biggest what-ifs in Houston Texans history

  • What if the David Johnson trade never happened?
  • A healthy Matt Schaub would have made a huge difference
  • What if the Texans never drafted Jadeveon Clowney?

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What if the Houston Texans don't sign Brock Osweiler

After two seasons with Brian Hoyer and Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterbacks, the Houston Texans would try to find a long-term answer at the position in 2016. They believed that the answer would be Brock Osweiler after signing him to a four-year deal worth $72 million.

However, he would last only one season in Houston before the Texans would trade him, along with a second-round pick, to the Cleveland Browns. The impacts of Osweiler signing would be felt for years to come because the Texans could have gone in a very different direction.

If the Texans didn't sign Osweiler, they could have drafted Dak Prescott that season who has developed into a good quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. In addition, the Texans would have been able to keep their 2018 second-round draft pick which the Cleveland Browns would use on running back Nick Chubb.

The idea of an offense led by Dak Prescott, Nick Chubb along with DeAndre Hopkins would have been one of the best in the league and tough to stop.