The 5 biggest what-ifs in Houston Texans history

  • What if the David Johnson trade never happened?
  • A healthy Matt Schaub would have made a huge difference
  • What if the Texans never drafted Jadeveon Clowney?

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What if Bill O'Brien didn't trade DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson

The 2020 season would begin a tough three-year stretch for the Houston Texans after winning the AFC South in back-to-back seasons. The Texans seemed to have a good roster that was ready to compete within the AFC until Bill O'Brien made easily the worst trade in franchise history.

During the offseason, O'Brien would trade DeAndre Hopkins, along with a fourth-round pick, to the Arizona Cardinals for David Johnson, a second-round pick and fourth-round pick. At the time, Hopkins was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL with three straight first-team All-Pro nominations.

The Texans a month later would trade for Brandin Cooks, who had over 1,100 receiving yards in that season, but there is no denying that the Texans probably could have gotten more in a trade and most likely would have included a first-round pick.

As for David Johnson, he would last only two seasons with the Houston Texans and not surpass 1,000 rushing yards during that time. The trade of DeAndre Hopkins seemed to set the franchise off on the wrong foot as they would go 4-12 and fire Bill O'Brien midway through the season.