5 biggest questions for the Houston Texans in their first preseason game

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Can the offensive line protect and open run lanes?

C.J. Stroud is the single most important player on the Houston Texans roster now and for the future of the team; however, the most important unit on the field is without question the offensive line.  If that group cannot play better than last season, Stroud and this offense won’t be much better than the 2022 version.

The line has a few new faces with Shaq Mason and likely rookie Juice Scruggs at center.  Kenyon Green is a concern too but this line must come together and play well.  Last season, Davis Mills, while he didn’t play well, the offensive line did not do him any favors.

We all remember what happened to David Carr and we don’t want a repeat of Texans’ history with Stroud but then again, you want a quarterback that is strong mentally and can weather those adverse moments without losing his confidence.  But even still, no one wants to stand back there and get beat up on a regular basis.

The team can help out Stroud a great deal with a solid run game and that can be bolstered by good line play.  If those five upfront can open up some holes for the ball carrier, it will help Stroud and the team immensely.  So, I will be watching the line very closely on Thursday to see how well they protect their quarterback and if the running backs can get going.