5 biggest questions for the Houston Texans in their first preseason game

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Does Stroud play with confidence?

C.J. Stroud gets the start in Week One of the Houston Texans pre-season but that’s not necessarily an indication he’s won the job.  It’s likely we see Davis Mills come in at some point.  Now it’s unknown how much Stroud and Davis will play or if Case Keenum will get any playing time too.

Regardless, it seems that Stroud will ultimately win this battle and reports have indicated that Stroud appears to be getting more and more of the first team reps as camp continues.  This will be a huge evening for Stroud and he doesn’t have to go out there and be lights out either.  Just play his game and show that the game isn’t too big.

We want to see him play with confidence and without hesitation.  He can’t be afraid to make mistakes, because mistakes will happen.  Coach Ryans seem like the type of coach that will let Stroud play his game and not get too down on him when he makes mistakes.

My hope is the fans don’t get down on him too early either.  He will have some rookie moments and possibly more than the good moments.  The biggest question here for Stroud is not his overall performance but whether can he play with confidence and not get down on himself.