5 biggest questions for the Houston Texans in final preseason game

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Will C.J. Stroud continue his upward trajectory?

So far, through the first two weeks of the preseason, Stroud has gotten better with each game. He was not great in the first week, but he also didn't get very good protection. He also threw an ugly pass that resulted in an interception.

Week Two was a rough start to the game with two bad throws that were way off target; however, he completed seven of ten passes after that drive and looked far more comfortable in the pocket and the game as a whole.

I want to see that continued progression and building that chemistry with his receivers. I'm not looking for anything crazy, but be solid in his decision-making, accurate with his throws, and show poise in the pocket. If he can do that, which he did last week after the first drive, I think he'll be ready for when the games really matter.