The 5 best wide receivers the Houston Texans will face in 2023

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I don’t think anyone will be shocked by Ja'Marr Chase coming in at number one on the Texans’ schedule this season.  He’s arguably the best receiver in the league and has been since coming into the league as a rookie in 2021.

In just two seasons in the NFL, Chase has recorded 168 receptions and 2,501 yards, with a ridiculous 22 touchdowns.  He was rookie of the year, a second-team All-Pro, and two Pro Bowls to his name already.  You can debate who is the best in the league but there is an easy argument for Chase to hold that title.

Last year, Chase started only 12 games of 17 possible, yet still made 87 receptions and 1,046 yards, with nine touchdowns.  He was top 15 in both yards and receptions, despite missing five games.

With both Higgins and Chase making this list, it goes without saying, the Texans are going to have to bring more than their A-game to defend these guys.  If Derek Stingley proves to be that true shut-down corner he was drafted to be, that will be huge.

This game takes place in the second half of the season and interestingly enough, follows the matchup with the Buccaneers too, so it’ll be a fun two-week stretch that will tell us a lot about the Texans’ defense, particularly their secondary and pass rush.

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