The 5 best wide receivers the Houston Texans will face in 2023

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player. 56. . . . 5. Tee Higgins. Tee Higgins. top WR texans to face - Higgins.

Tee Higgins comes in fifth on this list but there were a handful of others we could put in this spot.  Higgins is the second-best receiver on the Bengals team but would easily be the number one on most teams in the NFL.

Even with the abundance of receiver talent in the league, he’s still better than most team’s number one.  Last season, Higgins recorded 74 receptions and 1,029 yards, with seven touchdowns.  2022 was his second 1,000-yard season, with just three years in the league.

His 13.9 yards per reception in 2022 was good enough for 22nd in the league.  He was tied for 15th in touchdowns and 20th in receiving yards. Higgins came into the league in 2020 and is already over 3,000 yards receiving, with 215 receptions and 19 touchdowns.  Even in his rookie year, he was just under 1,000 yards with 908.

Higgins and teammate, Ja’Marr Chase form the best receiver tandem in the NFL, rivaled only by the duo in Tampa Bay.  The Houston Texans will be severely tested in this matchup and will need their pass rush to help disrupt Joe Burrow’s timing. The Texans will face off with the Bengals on November 12 during Week Ten of the NFL season.