The 5 best quarterbacks the Houston Texans will face in 2023

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Derek Carr changed teams, going from the Las Vegas Raiders to the New Orleans Saints.  Is he in a better situation now than he was with the Raiders?  Perhaps, there is no question he’s playing on a team with a far better defense, which should provide more opportunities on the offensive side of the ball.

2022 was a bit of a down year for Carr, as he had the lowest completion rate of his career, at 60.8 percent.  Prior to last season, he recorded four straight seasons passing for more than 4,000 yards.  For the past five seasons, Carr has averaged 542 pass attempts but has never thrown more than 27 touchdowns in a season.

Could that change this season for Carr?  He’ll have weapons Michael Thomas and Chris Olave, who will be entering his second season in the NFL.  Carr will also have premier back, Alvin Kamara; however, it’s still unknown how his legal issues will play out.

This matchup will take place on October 15th, during Week Six of the NFL season.  We should have a pretty good idea of what the Texans’ defense will look like by then.  This game is followed by a Week Seven bye week.