4 things we need to see from C.J. Stroud this season to justify his Top 5 status

C.J. Stroud can take his rightful seat as a made man in 2024 by doing these four things.
Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons
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Produce more touchdowns

If you threw 23 touchdowns in 2004, you may have led the league. However, with how much the NFL has moved to emphasize offense in the modern game, throwing 20 touchdowns in 2024 is the equivalent of scoring 20 points in the NBA. It used to be a stat that meant something, but now it's becoming more and more the expected minimum.

If Stroud is going to be the guy, the kind of guy who surpasses the likes of Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and others, he must prove his worth as a quarterback. That means upping his touchdown production. Stroud was just 13th in the NFL last year, behind guys like Russell Wilson and Jordan Love.

Having Stroud throw 1.5 times the number of touchdowns would put him around 34 and near the top of the league. With a healthy Tank Dell, the arrival of Stefon Diggs, and the return of Dalton Schultz, it seems like he's going to have every chance. Not to mention, the Texans will be throwing far more often, as Joe Mixon is a slight downgrade from Devin Singletary.