4 Quarterback matchups we can't wait to see for C.J. Stroud

The 4 matchups we can't wait to see with opposing quarterbacks
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Kirby Lee/GettyImages
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We are in a fun quiet time of year in between post-draft and pre-camp there is not a lot happening but still plenty to discuss. We have the 2024 schedule release that has the Houston Texans looking at our potential path to Super Bowl 59 and who we have to overcome. And today we are going to look at my 4 quarterback matchups that I think are worth looking at.

The Houston Texans are tied for the 4th hardest strength of schedule, per CBS Sports. With that division-winning schedule staring at us in the face, I want to discuss the quarterback matchups that CJ Stroud is going to have to overcome. The Texans play a lot of great veteran and up-and-coming quarterbacks this season and taking a good deep dive into the top matchups will give some insight into the challenges we face as a team.

Not just where CJ Stroud compares to these men but also what our defense will have to look out for. We have a very exciting season ahead of us. Let's look at some matchups, starting with the King of the Hill.