4 players who won their position battles in Texans Preseason

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The Texans are making finishing touches to their roster after a interesting preseason which showed the ups and downs of the Texans offrense and defense. We've seen the future of the offense and defense shine from both veterans and the younger players. This preseason showed that nobody's spot was safe and that every player had a spot to fight for.

The Texans have until Wednesday, August 29th at 4 p.m. to get their roster to 53 players. The team will most likely look to add to their struggling offensive line and add a surprise cut or two on either the defensive line or at tight end or running back to help add more weapons to the backfield for Stroud to throw to or give rely on in short pass blocking situations.

Houston has a lot of strong depth at every position, especially wide receiver, cornerback, and defensive line. The Texans in their final preseason game will be searching for the perfect front line to help give Stroud the most time but also open gaps for star running back Dameon Pierce as he looks to put up his first 1,000-yard rushing season after an impressive rookie campaign.

While on the defensive side of the ball, the team will be using the surprise cuts to help the run defense as the team looks to become a top run defense in the league after a year where they ranked bottom five in the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns allowed. With that being said here is three players who won their position battles in the preseason.

1. Tank Dell

Nathaniel "Tank" Dell was drafted in the third round in this year's draft to bring much-needed speed and athleticism to a somewhat dormant passing offense. In his first start for the Texans, he made a name for himself off the bat by showing his ability to be a red zone threat and a great run-after-catch option.

He's proven he's ready for the #1 receiving role in this offense as he exhibits strong chemistry, awareness, and leadership qualities in a young offense. He's proven that he can become a future superstar in this young offense and make plays when called upon. He's playing with a lot of confidence and seems ready to breakout and torture defense's.