4 players who won't be on Houston Texans 53-man roster come Week 1

Houston Texans
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Jerry Hughes - Defense end/edge

The Houston Texans are rebuilding and as I mentioned before, Hughes will not be part of the rebuild. He's 35 years old, the second oldest on the team. He had solid sack production last season but struggled in run defense.

Hughes is in the final year of his two-year contract and carries a dead cap of $1.25 million this season and a cap hit of over $6 million.  Cutting or trading him would save the team $5 million. The team could use that money to potentially sign other surprise cuts, particularly along the offensive line, where I am most concerned for the Texans.

I will add that he could find a spot on the roster because the team doesn't have a lot of depth after Will Anderson Jr. and Jonathan Greenard. It could come down to either him or a younger option. If the Texans decide to keep five defensive ends, Hughes could make it, unless the Texans decide to use that $5 million to get younger, as I mentioned.