4 players who won't be on Houston Texans 53-man roster come Week 1

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Davis Mills - Quarterback

I know many fans won't agree with this, but I've mentioned this before, Mills will not be the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans in 2023 and Case Keenum is a better backup option. Mills hasn't been terrible in training camp and throughout preseason, though he wasn't very good in Week Two, but Keenum simply offers far more in terms of mentoring rookie C.J. Stroud.

I think Mills makes his way onto the practice squad though because should something happen to Stroud, Mills will be available to assume the backup role behind Keenum. He at least knows the offense and will have that familiarity with the receivers.

The one concern with having him on the practice squad is it opens the door for another team to sign him to their roster; however, that doesn't happen that often. Here is the thing with signing someone off another team's practice squad, the team is required to add them to their respective 53 and can't just stash them on their practice squad. So, if another team adds him, they are saying he's better than the backup QB they already have and that's not likely to happen, given the need to learn a new scheme.