4 initial reactions to the Houston Texans' final 53-man roster

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Houston Texans kept five running backs

This was a little surprising to me; however, after thinking about it, probably should have guessed this would be the case. The Texans will be a run-first team and will primarily feature Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary, but running backs take a beating, and it's a good idea to have an insurance plan, in the form of Mike Boone and Dare Ogunbowale.

Both Boone and Ogunbowale are great depth pieces, and it will be interesting to see how the team uses all these players or if one or two will be on the game-day roster or inactive.

Both backup quarterbacks were kept on the 53-man roster

All this talk about who the backup quarterback should be and here we are, both Case Keenum and Davis Mills are on the 53-man roster. When we think about this though, Coach Ryans came from San Francisco, and we know the disaster they experienced with injuries to their quarterbacks last season.

This is a good plan though, having Case Keenum on the sidelines with Davis Mills and C.J. Stroud, assuming all three are active on game days, will give him the opportunity to mentor both as the game happens. Both Mills and Stroud can learn a lot together on the sidelines with Keenum.