4 contract decisions that will pay off for Houston Texans

  • Texans got it right with Laremy Tunsil
  • Dalton Schultz will be huge on the Texans
  • Jimmie Ward will be a big playmaker on offense
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This offseason was somewhat of a franchise reset for the Houston Texans as they would bring in a new coaching staff led by DeMeco Ryans, would use the second overall pick on a franchise quarterback in C.J. Stroud then trade back up in the first round to add a cornerstone piece for their defense with the selection of Will Anderson.

However, prior to the NFL Draft, the Texans made a number of smart moves in free agency that should significantly help this team this season. These are four contract decisions that they made earlier this offseason that should pay off in a big way.

4 contract decisions that will pay off for Houston Texans

Texans agree to three-year extension with Laremy Tunsil

The first decision is with a player who was already with the Texans when they were able to agree to a three-year extension with left tackle Laremy Tunsil.

The Texans would trade with the Miami Dolphins prior to the 2019 season for Tunsil and he has been the starting left tackle over the past four years and has played at a high level with Pro Bowl nominations in every season outside of the injury-shortened 2021 season.

The move from college football to the NFL is typically tough for quarterbacks and to give them the best chance to be successful, it is important to have top talent at key positions. One of those positions is left tackle as they are responsible for protecting the blindside of the quarterback.

By agreeing to this three-year extension with Tunsil, it keeps him under contract through the 2026 season and the Texans don't have to worry about that position as C.J. Stroud develops.