3 up, 2 down for the Houston Texans' second preseason game

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The Houston Texans run defense got ripped

Last week I praised the Houston Texans' defense, but this week, their run defense was completely dominated by the Miami Dolphins. To be fair, the Dolphins were very good on the ground last week and so far, looks like they might have one of the better run games in the NFL. But still, if you're going to win in this league, you can't let opponents run on you like that. Every one of the Dolphins' running backs that had carries had an average north of four yards, which can't happen in the regular season.

The Dolphins racked up 205 yards on the ground, with Salvon Ahmed pitching in 99 of those on just 12 carries, granted he had 65 of those on one play but overall, the Texans gave up a 5.4 yards per carry average. I expect more out of the Texans' run defense going forward but this is something the staff and players will need to go back to the film room and correct whatever errors were made in run defense.