3 up, 2 down for the Houston Texans' second preseason game

Houston Texans
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No turnovers this week

Last week in the preseason opener, the Houston Texans turned the ball over twice, and could have been three, had they not recovered Steven Sims' fumble. But this week was a different story with neither quarterback tossing an interception and anyone fumbling the ball.

That's always a big plus and anytime you can win the turnover battle, you give yourself much better odds to win the game, no matter the opponent. Houston will be looking to improve on that next week when they face the New Orleans Saints Sunday night.

They'll have two weeks after that to clean up any last-minute issues and get ready for the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. A lot of teams have a more talented roster than the Texans but if they can hold on to the ball and win the turnover battle, they'll always have a chance.