3 Texans contracts we were happy to see end, 2 we're eager to see expire

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No. 2 contract the Houston Texans are ready to see expire: Derek Rivers, DE

It's unrealistic to expect every player the Texans signed in free agency to become Pro Bowler. On the other hand, some of the acquisitions they made were a bit puzzling. It's true that the Texans needed to fortify their defensive front after ranking 32nd against the run last year. Having said that, the decision to bring back defensive end Derek Rivers on a one-year deal is rather puzzling.

You could argue that Rivers provides depth and could become a solid piece in Houston's pass-rush rotation. However, he missed all of the 2022 season with a torn bicep. Re-signing him might have made sense if he had been a steady contributor last season. But that's the thing, the 2017 third-round pick has failed to stay healthy throughout his career and has managed to appear in more than eight games in a season, just once, and that was back in 2020, when he played 13 games.

It's easy to say that bringing back Rivers is a low-risk move when you take into account that his contract is worth $1.06 million and only $40,000 is guaranteed. However, he could be taking a roster spot that could otherwise go to a rookie or an undrafted free agent.

As it is, expecting Rivers to stay healthy is a tall task and he'll have an uphill battle to make the Texans' 90-man roster. On the off chance he does make the cut, it's hard to see him having a big impact next season.