3 Reasons the Texans should sign Ezekiel Elliott 

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Ezekiel Elliott brings consistency and veteran experience.

Outside of his suspension during the 2017 season, Ezekiel Elliott has missed only four games due to an injury. Typically, health isn't praised in the NFL, but there's something to be said for consistency in health for a player. People don't talk about health unless people are hurt. In the Texan's case, they have one of the most violent running backs in the league in second-year back Dameon Pierce, who finished the season on injured reserve. 

While they signed Devin Singletary, the 2022 reading rusher for the Buffalo Bills, if Pierce were injured, it would be up to Singletary and an unproven depth to get the job done. Elliott gives them a security blanket and a solid floor to lean on if Pierce gets injured again. There's nothing wrong with Singletary, but if the Texans want to replicate the San Francisco 49ers' offensive scheme, that would require approximately 29 rushing attempts per game. You'll need All the help you can get in that endeavor.

Houston Texans are a young team with a young nucleus. While there is a lot of excitement surrounding these youngsters, they're very few players with consistent winning experience. Ezekiel Elliott's history with the Dallas Cowboys could greatly benefit such a young franchise.  

Elliott has experience working with a rookie quarterback, rookie offensive coordinator, and the pressures of football in Texas. He can be a veteran the young guys can lean on throughout the season. 

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