3 reasons the Houston Texans should trade for Patriots QB Mac Jones

Houston Texans, Mac Jones
Houston Texans, Mac Jones / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Mac Jones could make the Houston Texans competitive right away

You will have a hard time finding someone who realistically thinks the Houston Texans will be a playoff contender in 2023. However, they should take several steps in the right direction with general manager Nick Caserio leading the front office.

When Caserio arrived in Houston, the Texans' roster had been dismantled by Bill O'Brien. To make matters worse, O'Brien had traded many of the team's draft picks and had given big contracts to players that hardly made an impact. This made it difficult for Caserio to add impact players in 2021 and instead resorted to scraping the bottom of the free-agent barrel.

But with more draft picks and more cap space, the Texans' brass has steadily added roster to the roster. In fact, they went on a spending spree this offseason. Besides locking up running back David Sinclair, they traded for wide receiver Robert Woods and sign a No. 1 tight end in Dalton Schultz. If that wasn't enough they also acquired guard Shaq Mason from New England.

On defense, Houston acquired Pro Bowl linebacker Denzel Washington, safety Jimmie Ward and cornerback Tavierre Thomas. All three should be starters in Week 1.

If the Texans can come out of the 2023 NFL Draft with two or three instant contributors, they would only need a solid starting quarterback to be in a position to exceed their win totals for 2023, which currently sits at 5.5 games. Jones racked up 10 victories as a rookie on an above-average roster. He could certainly get six in Houston next season.