3 reasons why the Houston Texans offensive line will be the “X” factor in 2023

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The Houston Texans offensive line is the key to competing in the AFC South

This goes back to the previous two reasons I mentioned. If the Texans' offensive line can protect Stroud and open running lanes, the Texans can and will compete in the AFC South. I'm not guaranteeing a division title for the Texans, but they will have a shot.

We already highlighted the fact that the South is the weakest division in the AFC. It's unknown how good the Jacksonville Jaguars will be in 2023. They looked good down the stretch last season but have yet to be seen if they will continue where they left off. The Titans have some question marks, including whether Derrick Henry can still be the King or if he's going to hit that wall. The Colts are the Colts and don't pose much of a threat.

The Houston Texans' defense should be pretty solid this season, They have the horses at running back, and the receivers are underrated. The offensive line is the biggest question mark, outside of Stroud himself but as I mentioned, the line can play a big part in helping Stroud. The bottom line, if the offensive line can rise, this team can compete in 2023.

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