3 reasons why the Houston Texans offensive line will be the “X” factor in 2023

Houston Texans
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The second reason also is important to Stroud and that is if the line can create running lanes for the Texans running backs Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary, that will take a lot of the pressure off of Stroud. The team can lean and rely on their running game to carry the offense and also allow the Texans to control the clock, which helps keep the opposing offenses off the field and Houston's defense fresh throughout the game.

Pierce averaged 4.3 yards per carry a season ago and Singletary averaged 4.6 yards. Both these are solid averages and both did it behind suspect offensive lines with their respective teams in 2022. If the Texans line this season can be just above average in this regard, look for the Texans to be able to churn out the yards on the ground.

I believe this team could be a top-ten rushing team but that's going to be dependent on just how good the offensive line can be. If they can step up, it'll help Stroud in a big way but also give the team the ability to remain competitive.