3 reasons why the Houston Texans offensive line will be the “X” factor in 2023

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Protecting C.J. Stroud should be the primary mission

This should go without saying simply based on what happened to David Carr. Would Carr have been a better quarterback throughout his career with a better line, probably but that's not necessarily saying he would have been a franchise quarterback regardless.

For Stroud to learn, grow, and develop as a quarterback in the NFL, he needs to remain upright in the pocket. It will do him no good if he's constantly running and on his backside. The Texans' offensive line hasn't been stellar in the preseason so far, but with new pieces on the line with Scruggs and Mason, it could take time for this group to gel and solidify their communication.

Let's also not forget that Scruggs is a rookie, manning the quarterback of the offensive line at center. He'll be learning on the fly and is responsible for calling out protection. I think he will be a good center in the NFL but how long will it take him to get there? That could happen now, or it could take all season. Only time will tell.