3 reasons Houston Texans fans should welcome DeAndre Hopkins home

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Houston Texans would be instant challengers to the Jags in the AFC South

I'm not saying the Texans can't beat the Jacksonville Jaguars as they are now, but it would be a tall task to ask the young rookie quarterback to lead the charge against a playoff-experienced and improved Jags team.

With Hopkins in the mix though, it would be a matchup nightmare for any team in the AFC South, which none of them have top-flight defenses.  Hopkins makes this offense better and this league is changing.  Gone are the days of “defense win championships”, it’s become a passing league and an offensive league.

I’ve said before the Texans are not ready to compete with Jacksonville or the AFC’s elite teams, such as Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Buffalo.  With Hopkins that changes, at least within the division, where they are competing against the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts, as well as the Jaguars.

Hopkins gives this team someone to lean on and learn from, which we’ll get into later. He provides instant credibility for a team that most media have already written off.  He makes them relevant on a national scale and would force defenses to respect their pass game and still utilize their run game, with Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary, as their primary offensive attack.