3 questions for the Houston Texans wide receivers entering training camp

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Who will step up to be the Houston Texans' number-one receiver?

Many Texans fans believe that Nico Collins will be that guy but other possible candidates could be Robert Woods or even rookie third-rounder Tank Dell.  Other possibilities would be Noah Brown or maybe Xavier Hutchinson shocks everyone and becoming that guy. Let's not forget John Metchie III too. He should be able to make his debut sometime this season as well.

Personally, I don’t see that guy being Brown or Hutchinson, but I could definitely see it being one of the other three previously mentioned.  Let’s take a look at those three and then I’ll let you know who I think will be the guy and if he is capable of becoming a true number one.

Nico Collins finished tied for third on the team last season with 37 receptions but played in only ten games, starting seven of them.  The other two he tied with were running back Rex Burkhead and tight end Jordan Akins, neither of whom are with the team heading into 2023.

Woods started 15 games last season but with a Titans team that severely struggled, especially in the passing game.  He finished the year with 53 receptions and 527 yards, with only two touchdowns.  Then there is Dell, who has a ton of hype and potential but is still a rookie.  Sure, there have been rookie sensations such as Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson, but those types don’t come along often. For my money, I’m going with Nico Collins to step up and become the Texans’ number-one wide receiver.