3 Positions the Houston Texans shouldn't worry about drafting

Taking a look at 3 positions the Houston Texans don't need to worry about drafting.
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3: Running Backs

Maybe a little controversial but I have my reasons. The running back room was a little lackluster in the 2023 campaign but 2024 looks to be better. With the departure of Devin Singletary to the New York Giants leaving a hole at RB1 had a lot of fans wondering what the move was.

Luckily, Nick Caserio had a plan, by trading for Joe Mixon from the Cincinnati Bengals. Adding Mixon gives the Texans a reliable weapon not only out of the backfield but in the passing game as well. With Joe Mixon coming in as RB1, they will allow Bobby Slowik to put Dameon Pierce in a better position for short-yardage and goal-line situations. What went sideways with our running backs in 2023 is Dameon Pierce wasn't a poor man's Derrick Henry and we wanted him to be that. But now being able to have defined roles should iron out those kinks. Bringing back special teams and out-of-the-backfield back Dare Ogunbowale will be an extra wrinkle.

Our running back group was rough in 2023, but that won't be the case going into 2024. Our draft capital will be better server in more positions of need and running back is not a position of need.