3 players we hope get cut come June 1st so the Texans can sign them

Who might become available that the Texans feel completes their roster? 
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Kenny Clark, defensive tackle, Green Bay Packers

This one may not be as much of a “sure thing” as Lattimore was, but Clark could find himself unemployed in the coming weeks. The defensive tackle market being as hot as it is right now, may not help the Packers keep Clark around, as Bleacher Report mentioned. He’s had plenty of success in the league, totaling 34 sacks since being drafted in 2016. But at 28 years old, and the Packers having to pay Jordan Love, along with his top pass catchers pretty soon, Clark may be left wondering where his money is. 

And yes, I did say that anybody that the Texans sign between now and training camp isn’t going to be starters, but Clark will be. They lack a dominant interior rusher like Clark, and adding him to an already stacked line with Will Anderson and Danielle Hunter would make them unguardable. Adding Clark to a room filled with solid impact players such as Denico Autry, Tim Settle, and Foley Fatukasi would make Demeco Ryans the happiest person in all of Houston. 

But what would a contract look like? If he is left unemployed, he won’t be signing a big contract in June. Most teams blew all their money between March and April, and whatever they have left is going to their rookies. So chances are it would be a one-year deal that lets him test the market again at 29 years old next March.