3 players on the Houston Texans who are now roster locks for the 53-man roster

Houston Texans
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Michael Deiter - Center

It's hard to really detail too much about offensive linemen. They don't have many stats you can look at, other than sacks allowed and penalties but with someone like Deiter, it's more about the depth and versatility he offers that makes him an intriguing option for the Texans.

Deiter didn't play in 2022 despite being on the Miami Dolphins roster but he's played snaps at both guard and center throughout his career. There is a bit of unknown with him because of the limited play last season but he's logged a career total of 1,563 snaps and committed only 4 penalties.

He may not be anything spectacular, but the coaching staff can trust he'll do his job, stay focused, and not commit drive-killing penalties. He will be a solid addition to the 53-man roster providing some experience for Juice Scruggs to learn from and also fill a spot on the interior of the line in a pinch.

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