3 players on the Houston Texans who are now roster locks for the 53-man roster

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Case Keenum - QB2

Case Keenum seems a lock to me for the backup role, behind C.J. Stroud given his experience in the NFL. He's the perfect mentor for Stroud and can be like a second quarterback coach. Davis Mills is not that guy, plus it will help Stroud's develop if he doesn't have to feel like he's looking over his shoulder when he struggles.

Keenum has been in the NFL for a long time, playing both as a starter and backup in this league. In fact, if I were to rank backup quarterbacks in the NFL, Keenum would be in the top five, no question. Mills doesn't have that experience and is a better option for the practice squad too.

Part of a backup quarterback's job is to help the starter prepare for the upcoming game plan and with the experience that Keenum has and the multitude of defenses he's seen, he should be nothing more than a lock to make the Houston Texans' 53-man roster heading into the 2023 season.