3 NFL Draft prospects the Houston Texans need to stay away from

They may already have prospects that they don't like, and the fanbase may not agree with it either.
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Kamari Lassiter, CB, Georgia

Lassiter has the talent that teams look for in their future starting CBs. With that being said, the tape shows he has room for improvement in tracking and making plays on the ball. He only notched one INT in his college career, and 14 passes defended. Houston will look at that and likely put Lassiter low on their draft board. Demeco Ryans likes starters on his defense who will make plays on the football and create more scoring chances for his elite offense.

Lance Zierlein wrote on Lassiter "he hasn’t yet flashed as a corner looking to play the football and flip the field." Lassiter hasn't shown a willingness to play the ball, and the team that selects him will have to make it a focal point of their off-season training. While he doesn't succeed in that area, his coverage skills are what makes him a top CB in this draft, but that won't be enough to make the Texans call his name this month. Lassiter ranks as a day-two prospect likely going in the second round. The Texans will be able to find a better CB with more upside tracking the ball than Lassiter provides you.