3 moves Texans can make to give C.J. Stroud everything he needs

After a stellar debut, here's how the Stroud-Ryans Texans can keep the AFC South crown.
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Trade for Tee Higgins

As things stand, the best wide receiver on the market is Jacksonville's Calvin Ridley. And maybe Ridley would jump at the idea of joining up with Stroud, but it seems like Ridley's deciding between New England and a return to Jacksonville. After that, the free agent pool is full of good wide receivers who don't quite reach elite levels of play. Tyler Boyd, DJ Chark, Marquise Brown, and Michael Thomas could probably all contribute a bunch next year, but the Texans should dare to dream a little bigger.

That's where Higgins comes in.

The Bengals put the franchise tag on Higgins earlier this month, but the wide receiver is still apparently seeking out a trade. Getting the talented receiver in an offense with Stroud, Schultz, Nico Collins, and Tank Dell would be electric, and it'd be hard to argue that they weren't one of – if not the – most talented cores in football.

It's the trade everyone wants their team to make, and Higgins certainly won't come cheap, but if the Texans are serious about this title window, it'd be a no-brainer.