3 more NFL Draft prospects the Houston Texans need to stay away from

The Texans will finalize their draft board this week, and likely won't have as many first round grades on players as other teams do.
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AD Mitchell, wide receiver, Texas

He has all the talent in the world that you're looking for. However, if you keep up with any of the rumors this week, he may start to fall in the draft as teams take him off their draft boards. Bob McGinn ofGoLong mentioned that multiple scouts view Mitchell as somebody with attitude problems who doesn't take care of his diabetes properly. You never know what you're going to get from Mitchell if he doesn't eat anything and his blood sugar is low, he added.

As Bob mentioned in his article, you'll have to assign somebody to Mitchell for the first few years of his career to watch his diabetes and blood sugar. Teams with a good dietitian may not have a problem drafting him compared to teams who ranked poorly in that area. There's a lot to like about Mithcell, this isn't a knock on his on-field play.

This is purely an off-field issue that he'll have to mature in when he gets to the league. The first 2-3 seasons may be tough, and some teams may not want to deal with that side of him at all. He's going to have to go to the right situation in order to have a long career in the NFL.