3 more NFL Draft prospects the Houston Texans need to stay away from

The Texans will finalize their draft board this week, and likely won't have as many first round grades on players as other teams do.
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Jonathon Brooks, running back, Texas

Brooks, like Newton, has injury concerns of his own. Suffering a torn ACL in November of this past season. An ACL tear always shortens a running back's career. We may not see the effects of it early on in the league, but he may start losing a step by year five or six of his career. Sitting behind Bijan Robinson for two seasons, Brooks didn't get too many reps in college until 2023 and then tore his ACL halfway through the season.

There are still a lot of questions to be had with Brooks as we haven't seen a lot of production from him in college.

At 20 years old, teams may hope Brooks can bounce back from it quickly. But to quote the movie Draft Day "he's weak in the knees". With 288 college carries, you can look at that two ways. He still has a lot left to give a team, or he still has a lot left to prove, and teams don't entirely know what they're getting. I choose to look at it like the league doesn't quite know what to expect from him yet.

He's shown flashes of being a good NFL running back, but he doesn't have the experience you would like from a high-draft pick. Not to mention coming off of a torn ACL.