3 more NFL Draft prospects the Houston Texans need to stay away from

The Texans will finalize their draft board this week, and likely won't have as many first round grades on players as other teams do.
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Jer'Zhan "Johnny" Newton, defensive tackle, Illinois

Johnny Newton is a talented player who had a hard time staying healthy in college. He underwent surgery after the season for a Jones fracture that he ultimately played the 2023 season on. He missed combine workouts because of it, and teams may have doubts about Newton following his injury. Despite playing with an injury, he still had a productive season. He totaled 7.5 sacks and 52 tackles on the season.

With other defensive tackles projected to go around their pick with his skillset on the field, the Texans may knock him down their draft board this week, if they haven't already. Newton may be considered a first-round pick by more teams and media if he didn't miss workouts in February. In their scouting report of Newton, Bleacher Report said of Newton "Undersized for an NFL defensive tackle and might have shorter arms." Newton measured in at 6'2 304 lbs with 32 3/8" arm length at the combine. He's found ways to win against college linemen, but early on may struggle to find success in the NFL.

With guys like Ruke Orhorhor, Michael Hall, and T'Vondre Sweat also in this draft class, the Texans may not view Newton as highly as they might have in a weaker class.