3 Key Players to Watch on the Houston Texans Defense

Houston Texans
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Jalen Pitre - Safety

Jalen Pitre has been battling a chest injury this week but has been a full participant the last two days of practice and should be a go for Sunday. Houston needs him to play because he might be the best defensive player on this roster and those are the guys the team looks to for momentum-changing plays.

Pitre will be vital not only in the run defense but also in the coverage and this is where I think he will shine. If Anderson and Greenard can pressure Pickett, I think he'll put the ball out there in harm's way and Pitre will make him pay. Pickett's thrown three interceptions through three games so far, which by the way is three more than C.J. Stroud. The Texans need to force a couple of turnovers in this one and I think Pitre can help in this department. Maybe he could make it easy and return one for six.

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