3 Key Players to Watch on the Houston Texans Defense

Houston Texans
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Henry To'oTo'o - Linebacker

To'o'to'o has had his snap count increasing with each game. In Week One, he was in on only 22 snaps, Week Two was 46, and last week, he was in on 69 snaps. As the season progresses, he should get better each week. The Texans ranked 16th in the league in run defense, which isn't terrible but could certainly be better and that is where To'oTo'o comes in.

Houston will need him to step up and help shut down the Steelers run game, which hasn't been good so far this season; however, Najee Harris is still a solid running back and could get rolling at any time. If To'o'to'o shuts down the run and makes the Steelers one-dimensional, it'll allow Will Anderson Jr. and the rest of the team to tee off on Pickett.