3 initial reactions to Houston Texans Week 1 loss

Houston Texans
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Houston Texans have a solid defense

The defense kept Houston in the game through the first half but couldn't keep the Ravens out of the endzone in the third quarter. The Ravens needed only 42 yards for their second third quarter touchdown after another failed fourth-down attempt by the Texans.

The Ravens rebuilt their receiving corps and brought in a new offensive coordinator. It was promised the Ravens offense would be more explosive, but Houston held them to only 265 yards of offense and kept Lamar Jackson in check, with only 38 yards rushing and 168 through the air.

Will Anderson Jr. recorded his first of what will be many career sacks. As a team, Houston had four sacks, seven quarterbacks, and another five tackles for a loss. If the Texans' defense shows up like this week in and week out, Houston will have a chance to pick up a win every week.

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