3 initial reactions to Houston Texans Week 1 loss

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Houston Texans need to find a solution to the offensive line immediately

This was a major concern all week long and even throughout training camp and the preseason. To be fair, Houston is dealing with a lot of injuries along the offensive line but giving up five sacks is never a good thing and the combo of Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary managed only 53 yards on 18 carries. As a team, the Texans averaged 3.1 yards per carry.

If the Texans can't get things figured out very soon with their offensive line, it will be a long season for Stroud and the Houston offense. The problem is I don't know that there is much the team can do to address this issue. Do they want to part with more draft assets in a trade, which is not likely. The best we can hope for is the players get healthy soon and the line can improve.

Too many times Stroud was running to get away from the pressure. He was hit ten times, and the Texans were tackled for a loss six times. Not a good recipe for winning a football game but hopefully the Texans can get it figured out next week.