3 initial reactions to Houston Texans Week 1 loss

Houston Texans
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C.J. Stroud looked like he belonged

Stroud was 28 of 44, completing nearly 64% of his passes, for 242 yards. He didn't throw any picks but he did have the one fumble. I can't really fault him for the fumble given the pressure that was applied from the Ravens.

Stroud looked composed throughout the game and stood in the pocket. He moved around and bought himself some time, finding the open guy. He showed poise in the pocket too, despite the lack of consistent pass protection.

Stroud targeted Nico Collins 11 times and Robert Woods 10. They had 12 receptions between the two of them. Surprisingly, he only targeted rookie Tank Dell three times. It was clear in this first game that Stroud was putting his trust in the vets on the team.