3 initial reactions to Houston Texans Week 1 loss

Houston Texans
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The final result wasn't what we hoped for but it was a tough ask to have the Houston Texans travel to take on one of the better AFC teams and get the upset. Still, despite the final score of 25 - 9, there were some bright spots but also some areas the team will need to try to address in some way.

The Texans held their own throughout the first half, going into the locker room with a one-point deficit, down 7 - 6. Houston actually outgained the Ravens in total yardage, 268 yards to the Ravens 265. Both teams converted 18 first downs too.

In the second half, the Texans' defense could not stop the Ravens' offense and was outscored 18 - 3, with Baltimore scoring 15 unanswered in the third quarter. The Texans could not ever get their offense moving and sustaining drives. There would be a couple of nice plays, then untimely penalties or sacks brought drives to a screeching halt.

As I said, there were some good points in this game and some not-so-good. We're going to get into those points now but there is hope for this team. I previously predicted the Texans would win eight games this season, this was not one of them, and what I saw, leads me to believe the Texans could pull it off.