3 Houston Texans end up on a unique "best" list

The Houston Texans' future is looking bright.
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Time moves on and it will leave us all at some point. So it shouldn't surprise some of the older readers to know that there are young men in the NFL and the Houston Texans specifically who qualify for a unique new list. Pro Football Focus posted a new list recently, where they compiled an All-2000s NFL Team.

But while you may expect names like Andre Johnson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher and others, that are not on this list? No, these players who made this All 2000s list aren't stars from the 2000s, but players born in the 2000s. That's right, get ready to feel old.

On this list of youngsters, we have three who represent the Houston Texans. Starting at quarterback on this All-2000s NFL Team is C.J. Stroud. The young quarterback out of Ohio State was born in October of 2001 when some of us were just starting high school. Stroud is easily one of, if not the best young quarterback in the league. At least of any quarterback 25 and younger.

He's not the only Texans player to make the list, and he's not even the only current player who won the Rookie of the Year Award. Joining Stroud on this list is his 2023 NFL Draft contemporary, Will Anderson Jr. As with Stroud, Anderson was also born in 2001, though he's about a month older, having been born in September of the same year.

Lastly, we have yet a third player to make this list. He's the oldest man of the three, but not by much. Despite being drafted in 2022, a year ahead of Stroud and Anderson, Derek Stingley Jr. shares a birth year with his fellow budding star players. Stingley was born in July of 2001, making him the oldest of the three players on this team, but only by a few months.

The Texans have some of the best young talent in the league right now. It's going to be interesting to see how each of these three young men continues to grow and develop. Hopefully, one day, we can talk about how good they ended up being, as they head into the Hall of Fame. Wouldn't that be something?