3 free agents Texans were wise to avoid

Here's who the Texans will eventually be glad they missed out on.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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3 free agents Texans were wise to avoid

1. Calvin Ridley, WR, Tennessee Titans

Deal: 4-years, $92 million

Admittedly, it was tempting to look at Houston as a realistic spot for Ridley, who's coming off one of the best seasons of his career. The Texans' offense has plenty of good, young pieces, but at his best, Ridley is a step above them all. Nico Collins and Tank Dell represent one of the more under-appreciated wide receiver duos in football, but the addition of Ridley would have given Houston one of the best wide receiver groups in football – on paper, at least.

There's no question that Ridley's good, but handing a wide receiver that'll turn 30 next year a four-year contract worth almost $100 million is a splash move that the Texans just simply didn't need to do. There were holes to fill on defense – and there's a good argument for not loving the spending that happened there – and the offensive line is still a place that could use an upgrade or two. While it was awfully tempting to see the Texans as that up-and-coming team that announced their arrival with a big free agency signing, the decision to stay away from handing out a $90 million contract for a player at a position they're more than set at is going to age well.