3 Former draft picks the Houston Texans wish they could have back

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Three players the Houston Texans drafted that they wish they could have back.

It happens every year and to every team. They spend hours, weeks, and months studying players in preparation for the NFL Draft. There are always players who they regret drafting or trading away. There are also those players they couldn't keep and lost in free agency. The Houston Texans are no different.

The Houston Texans entered the NFL as an expansion team in 2002 and are the youngest team in the NFL. So, when we look at their history, we only have a little over 20 years, but there are still some players along the way they drafted and undoubtedly would want back.

All three of these players are still active on other teams, two of which are considered two of the best teams in the league. As I was going over the list of Texans' draft picks over the years, I came across these three players, and makes me wonder, how good would the Texans be heading into 2023 if they were on this current Texans roster.

There were a couple of honorable mentions that almost made this list. Those two players are linebacker Zack Cunningham and wide receiver Will Fuller. At the end of the day, they did not make the list.

Cunningham was an outstanding linebacker during his time with the Texans; but he's struggled with injuries since leaving the team. Fuller has been just an ongoing history of IR visits year after year. Enough about the players that didn't make this list, now for those that did.