2 winners (and 2 losers) from Texans' 2024 offseason so far

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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Losers of the Texans' 2024 Offseason

1. Stefon Diggs

Diggs doesn't have to spend his winters in Western New York, so in that sense, he's a winner. And there's probably an easy argument to be made that the Texans are more of a Super Bowl contender than the Bills at this point, so at least he'll probably still see the playoffs. But he was Buffalo's undisputed WR1 and that's ... maybe not the case in Houston? Is there still a world where he ends up with 100 catches on an offense that also features Collins, Dell, and Schultz? None of those guys got particularly close to 100 last year, though injuries played a role there. Maybe he doesn't feel the need to be the 100-catch, WR1 guy now that he's 30 and heading into the back 9 of his career, but we've probably seen the last of Diggs putting up 120+ catches for 1500 yards.

2. Dameon Pierce

Things looked pretty good for Pierce after his rookie season in 2022. Right out of the gate, the 4th round pick rushed for over 900 yards in 13 games, scoring four touchdowns and averaging almost 4.5 yards per carry. He seemed destined to be one of the next great mid-round running back steals. Then, last season, his role diminished and he ended up rushing for barely half of his rookie total. Then, on top of that, the Texans went and traded for Joe Mixon, who will undoubtedly be RB1 when camp breaks in late August. GM Nick Caserio said earlier this month that trading Pierce isn't a realistic option, and it's not like teams can't use two running backs effectively, but Pierce faces an uphill battle getting back to 200+ rushes.