2 players the Houston Texans could trade up for in the NFL Draft

Trading away some draft picks to get instant starters on this team is the way to go
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

DeJean may be the most talented defensive back in this draft. His new team will be able to play him anywhere on defense and get a consistent player. He has experience at both corner and safety, with a little bit of edge rusher mixed in there as well from his college days. His best work has come from the outside cornerback position. DeJean had a very productive 2023 campaign, totaling five passes defended, two interceptions, and 41 tackles.

DeJean has an injury history, but nothing to be concerned about long-term. He's coming off of a fractured fibula but has worked out in front of teams on April 8th.

Depending on what media outlet you read/listen to, DeJean can go anywhere from the top 20 to early Day 2 of the draft. I don't think he falls to the Texans' second-round pick, so trading up at least to 20 is the likely outcome if you want DeJean in your secondary. Albert Breer mentioned DeJean as a candidate for the Seattle Seahawks at pick 16, so there will be some competition in the mid-1st round for DeJean, but if he lasts until the Pittsburgh Steelers pick at 20, Houston should be on the phone.