Houston Texans news: Rushing woes, Kyle Allen still starting, more

Houston Texans news Kyle Allen (Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports)
Houston Texans news Kyle Allen (Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports) /

Despite the fact that the Houston Texans looked pretty awful for quite a long stretch of their game against the Miami Dolphins, it appears not much is going to change before they take on the Cleveland Browns this weekend.

In fact, earlier this week, Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith made it clear that Kyle Allen is likely to get the start again. It’s not like he was remotely impressive. There were some who honestly yearned for for Davis Mills after the first half. But Allen is getting another go.

In the 30-15 loss to Miami, Allen completed 26 of 39 passes for 215 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs. The fact that the offense was better in the second half seems to have convinced Smith to give him another start.

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Kyle Allen might not have had a great game against Miami but he was far from the only one who struggled. Dameon Pierce and the offense had a real problem running the ball for the second straight week.

Earlier this week, Pierced shed some light on just why the rushing attack has been so bad of late. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the biggest issue is that Houston Texans’ opponents are keying on the run and willing to let the team try and beat them through the air.

One of the Houston Texans’ fans hopes is that having the first pick in the next draft will help the offense get better. It’s seemingly more and more likely that Bryce Young is going to be that pick. Last week, the team had scouts at the Alabama game. They did not dispatch anyone to watch CJ Stroud take on the Michigan Wolverines.

"Bryce Young szn 🤞🏻 from Texans"

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And finally, everyone in the NFL whether they’re Houston Texans fans, Chicago Bears fans or Kansas City Chiefs fans, can have some fun laughing at the Denver Broncos and their new quarterback.

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