Houston Texans: Change for the sake of change a symptom directionless organizations

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

With the pressure from Houston Texans fans to make a change obviously mounting, GM Nick Caserio and Lovie Smith have decided to make a change at quarterback. This is just change to make people think they are actually trying. It’s sweeping the floor of a condemned building.

Who On The Houston Texans Can We Blame?

Is there anyone who believes that Kyle Allen, a QB on his 3rd team in five years is an attempt by this front office to win? If you compare his numbers in 21 games, which is only two fewer than Davis Mills, they are virtually the same player. All of this shows is there is no commitment to a direction from the primary people running this organization.

This is Caserio and Smith “making a move” to make it look like they are trying to win. This is either a smokescreen or actual proof that the Texans front off has no idea what they are doing or they have no real plan in place to rebuild this organization.

There was an obvious plan when the Astros and Jeff Luhnow were building a team from the ground up. Lose and lose big. Draft high, develop players, and create a winning culture in a place with no culture. And he did it. He stuck to the plan. And these Astros who win the World Series are still Jeff’s Astros.

Does Caserio have a plan? Perhaps I was naive and believed there was a plan. A plan similar to what the Astros did. The Texans were losing and bringing in top talent in the draft. They ignored the fans and basically told them to go away and we’ll tell you when to come back. But that takes a spine. A spine that apparently doesn’t exist in the off of the Texans GM.

Bring in the ‘Next Man Up’

Is this a battle cry or a ruse?? Is changing QB a way to try and shut the fans up or is there something else going on. Truthfully it’s a sign that this organization has no real plan. Mills is terrible, and we know that. But with the desperate need of a talent infusion, it appeared knowledgeable fans knew what was going on. It also appeared that Caserio had a plan to fix that. Does he?

Let’s get past the question at QB. Is Nick Caserio the right GM to rebuild this team? Is Pep Hamilton able to develop a young QB? Can Lovie Smith get out of a very old defensive scheme and adapt to the modern game? All questions that need to be answered, along with the questions at QB.

Changing QB in game 11 is not going to answer any questions. It’s a sad attempt to shut fans up. It answers nothing at all. And, at this point, I think this change actually brings more questions about the Houston Texans’ front office and coaching staff than we had before.