Houston Texans: Reactions to the Eno Benjamin signing

Arizona Cardinals running back Eno Benjamin (26) celebrates his touchdown run (Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports)
Arizona Cardinals running back Eno Benjamin (26) celebrates his touchdown run (Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports) /

Eno Benjamin had been a relatively good depth piece for the Arizona Cardinals before he was picked up by the Houston Texans. While the 2020 7th-round pick wasn’t blowing the doors off opponents, he had been solid enough to get the starting nod when James Connor went down.

He rewarded his team with that level of trust by routinely being a solid weapon out of the backfield on the ground and through the air, eventually amassing 299 yards rushing and 24 receptions for another 184 yards.

Because of those numbers and the fact that he’d just been the starting running back for a playoff-contending NFL team, the Houston Texans signing Eno Benjamin wasn’t the usual waiver wire pickup around the league.

More than a few people had rather strong reactions to what the signing meant. Both Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals fans were more than a little vocal. NFL analysts also had their say about the signing.

The consensus among those who follow the Cardinals is that the release of the runningback was more than a little bit of a surprise. There was definitely some anger among Cards fans who thought the team had done the player dirty. Especially after he’d stepped in and run for 92 yards on 12 carries in a win against the New Orleans Saints.

Houston Texans fans were a bit surprised GM Nick Caserio added a fourth running back to the roster. Though they certainly weren’t angry that another good young running back is on the roster.

The real question now is whether Benjamin is going to be in the teams’ plans past this season. Is he the kind of backup that take over those duties full time in 2023? Or is he just someone here in Dameon Pierce’s rookie season in order to take some of the load off that Rex Burkhead cannot?

The answer to that question and what the Houston Texans’ plans are, won’t be known for a little while.