Is Nico Collins the Houston Texans WR1 and more Week 5 takeaways

[Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]Jki 101022 Bs Jaguars Vs T 18
[Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]Jki 101022 Bs Jaguars Vs T 18 /
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The Houston Texans played division rival Jacksonville Jaguars. The low-scoring affair was not the most exciting game to watch, but some outstanding plays led Houston to their first win of the season, and their ninth straight win over the Jaguars.

What stood out in the Week 5 game, and what does Houston need to improve for the wins to continue this season?

Let’s take a look at three takeaways from this first win of the 2022 season, which was also the first win for Lovie Smith as the Texans head coach.

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Texans RB Dameon Pierce Offensive ROTY?

Houston running back Dameon Pierce has taken expectations and blown through them though five games this season. Pierce is fantastic and his impact on the offense led the Texans to win the game.

Pierce has become the heart of the team and his ability to get yards after contact is second to none. Pierce ran for 99 rushing yards, with three receptions and one touchdown, in a must-win for the Texans.

Pierce had one of the best runs that turned the tides of the game as Pierce broke six tackles, that right, six tackles in one run rushing 20 yards refusing to go down. He came up just short of the end-zone, but Pierce continued that drive and ended up with the score on the next carry.

The rookie running back Pierce quickly became a leader for the Texans, and he thanked AJ Cann in his press conference postgame before commenting on his incredible run. Pierce may be the first piece of offensive success for the Texans. He is currently the all-time rushing leader through his first five career starts having 412 rushing years, and we are just seeing the beginning of the Pierce era in Houston.